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Basic rules of the site onion

Day by day, Kraken Onion security officers work to ensure that the resource works stably, and other platform links are reliably protected from hacking by unauthorized persons, various hackers working for law enforcement agencies. Thanks to this, Kraken users can safely make the transactions they need without worrying about falling into the hands of law enforcement officers.

Basic rules for using the site Kraken

1. Reviews published by users should be informative, relate to a specific transaction and not discredit the site.

2. In case of any disputes or difficulties with the order, it is possible to open a dispute, which is called Arbitration. If the difficulties cannot be resolved directly with the seller, then the buyer has the opportunity to invite a Kraken service employee to the discussion, who will resolve the dispute depending on the situation in favor of one of the parties.

3.On the Kraken website, such actions as blackmail towards the seller are prohibited. In this case, the administration of the resource itself will punish those who violate the rules of the resource.

Any problem that has arisen on the website can be completely solved directly with the seller of goods or through arbitration, so you can be sure that in the end you will receive the products that you decided to purchase through this site.